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Community Outreach

The Electric Vehicle Competition team makes many public appearances throughout each school year. The goal of the team is to promote environmental awareness as well as EV engineering construction and design throughout our community. Oral presentations about our program have been presented to various schools and businesses throughout the Miramar area. Each year Electric Vehicle Competition Representatives attend several Miramar City Council sessions. Students also participate in various other functions to promote our program as well as to promote the city's involvement and support of our program.


  • Broward County Elementary and Middle schools
  • Miramar Days Parades
  • Earth Day Activities with the Broward County Board of County Commissioners, Clean Air Division
  • EVAA Conference, Hollywood, FL
  • Homecoming Day Parades
  • Miramar City Council Meetings
  • Selected Area High Schools
  • Sciencefest 2004
  • Sponsor Business Engagements
  • Florida Glee Festival: Florida Keys



Miramar High School is proud to announce our sponsorship with Derek Barger and High Tech Systems LLC. We are now the first high school in the United States to incorporate HTS lithium racing cells in a conversion. Miramar continues their decade long sponsorship with Broward County Pollution Prevention, Remediation and Air Quality Division.


Braille Batteries continues to provide the low weight AGM batteries for the vehicle's low voltage system.


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